Posted by: imranadeel | January 12, 2009

Roger Waters vs. Pink Floyd

I couldn’t think of another important question in such a short time span:  Is Pink Floyd the same without Roger Waters?  To me, Roger Waters remains as the creative genius, mixing various sounds into the music (like the snippets of people talking throughout The Dark Side of the Moon), and the highly intellectual lyrics in The Final Cut.  But take David Gilmour and Richard Wright out, and you have lost the music, as evident in The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, and Amused to Death.

On the other hand, take the Division Bell:  Great music and sound effects; soulful music of Polar One, deep and thoughtful Marooned and the high speed Take it Back.  But the clever lyrics of Roger Waters is missing.  But the remaining trio make up for that to their best possible extent.

But then, Richard Wright’s death has ended all that debate.  Pink Floyd can’t be anymore now, and that is the ultimate truth, though extremely painful and hard to digest.



  1. I was initially of the opinion that Roger’s departure was no great loss as he his lyrics were getting to cynical and depressing. What initially attracted me to the band were the expansive soundscapes they created(like Echoes, Shine On etc). I think a degree of that came back when Roger left, yet I did miss his voice(and even some of his lyrics) – no one sings counterpoint to Gilmour quite like Waters. I think that Floyd were one of those groups who functioned best as a group and not when one person came to dominate. I mean they nearly folded when Syd Barrett went off the rails but they reinvented themselves, and they did with Waters gone.

  2. I fully agree. You can’t turn Final Cut, Amused to Death and Pros and Cons any time you want to listen to music. You listen to them when you want to let that frustration out. My wife finds it extremely hard to tolerate Division Bell, let alone the albums named above. So yes, if one wants to listen to the political butt-kicking, they should stick to Waters; for great music, there will always be the other three… rather, the other two.

  3. Pink Floyd was playing before David Gilmore …but it wasn’t the sort of band that you wanted listen to their work again and again.. this Big Change happened when Gilmore joined the band and specially when Sid Barret was no more there to influence the members…
    then we were witness of one Aces after the other… Waters couldn’t influence Gilmore and couldn’t dictate him… and David Gilmore at the end won the crowd and his voice, music and melodies influenced Pink Floyd forever.

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