Posted by: imranadeel | July 22, 2010

My Latest Psychedelic/Prog-Rock Discovery: Jane

22nd July 2010.

A friend of mine asked me to search for a German band “Jane” on youtube and listen to their album “Together.” I found the album, and listened to the tracks “Spain” 1 and 2. And by golly, I was taken away. The sound is so rich, and the music is so deep, it is somewhat similar to the great Pink Floyd’s Echoes album. I got hooked to it right away. It’s good to know that Prog-rock clicked in other countries as well, other than UK. At the same time, I am surprised as to why we haven’t heard of these fellows before. The stuff they produced is so well that I haven’t even listened to anything other than Spain yet. I will listen to the rest when I get out of it.

And what’s even better, is that these guys are still playing. You can check their website and complete discography at

Thank you Sina K, for the great introduction.




  1. I am glad that someone has started talking about the real music rather than discussing the New CON.fusion Music (e.g: coke studio).

    It is not bad to also mention some great progressive bands.. like: Camel, Eloy, Tangerine Dream, Omega… who’ve been producing some great melodies shoulder to shoulder with Pink Floyd.

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