Posted by: imranadeel | January 12, 2009

Roger Waters vs. Pink Floyd

I couldn’t think of another important question in such a short time span:  Is Pink Floyd the same without Roger Waters?  To me, Roger Waters remains as the creative genius, mixing various sounds into the music (like the snippets of people talking throughout The Dark Side of the Moon), and the highly intellectual lyrics in The Final Cut.  But take David Gilmour and Richard Wright out, and you have lost the music, as evident in The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, and Amused to Death.

On the other hand, take the Division Bell:  Great music and sound effects; soulful music of Polar One, deep and thoughtful Marooned and the high speed Take it Back.  But the clever lyrics of Roger Waters is missing.  But the remaining trio make up for that to their best possible extent.

But then, Richard Wright’s death has ended all that debate.  Pink Floyd can’t be anymore now, and that is the ultimate truth, though extremely painful and hard to digest.


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